Abstract: Kissan-Kiosk is a computing unit that provides access to bill status, bill payments, agriculture updates, soil testing, and crop advisory for farmers. These kiosks were originally similar in appearance to telephone booths, but they have since been improved and expanded to better serve their customers. They are typically placed in high-traffic areas that are easily accessible to farmers, such as shops and hotel lobbies. With the integration of new technologies, Kissan-Kiosks are now capable of performing various functions, such as facilitating bill payments. For instance, these kiosks can enable users to pay electricity bills, water bills, phone bills, and more. Moreover, the application of Kissan-Kiosks can be extended to various platforms, including tourist places for guiding tourists, railway stations for displaying train information and ticket vending, hospitals for dispensing medicines, and educational institutions for disseminating campus information.

Keywords: Kiosk, Bills ,Payment, RFID, Schemes

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10556

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