Abstract: Agriculture is the backbone of the country. About 70% percentage of India population belongs to agriculture family. Due to the digital India programme, agricultural applications have direct impact on the agricultural sectors. The way people go for buying the agricultural products is tedious. Often buyers or customers have to travel distant places to buy agricultural products and sometimes even the right quality is not ensured. Besides, farming is the main or primary occupation in India. Farmers are usually deceiveed by the middleman in today's market which leads to scarcity of grains. Fruits markets are subject of opportunity and it is important to the suppliers to identify the quality of fruits based on the ripeness level of fruits before selling out in market, in-order to get higher level of profit. The main objective of this work is to help farmers. An android application in native or regional language of the farmer to help the jobless farmers to find agriculture based jobs suitable to their skill set and receive investments from various investors across the country. Further to find investment for the needy farmers and create suitable agricultural employment for jobless farmers so that there is an increase in the progress in the field of agriculture. The prposed work of an android application is also facilitate the farmers with advanced equipments for performing various agricultural tasks, obtain the land on lease and it helps buying and selling agricultural products using a computerized approach, provide the scheme available to farmer and to determine various stages of ripeness of fruit. The application is simple and easy to use by the farmers and accumulate several agri based information at single place in multilingual applications.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10635

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