Abstract: Security is most important factor in this digital world. With the advancement of technology, the criminals are trying to find new ways to perform the criminal activities. The technology advancement has led the world to another level, so the crime has also become more tech-oriented. In order to overcome this problem, we are proposing a laser-based security system and the intruder is unaware of the fact that a security system is installed in the entry positions like doors or windows. Laser based security system acts as an additional security layer which includes ESP32 CAM, LDR Module, Laser Module, Blynk Application to view the capture image of the intruder. Since laser light goes through long distance without scattering effects and the ray is almost invisible. When somebody crossover the laser ray the circuit senses the discontinuity and sends the captured image of the intruder along with notification alert to Wi-Fi connected device through Blynk Application.

Keywords: ESP32 CAM, Blynk Application, LDR, Security System, image capture, notification alert.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8715

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