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Abstract: Social Justice is essential to maintain a sustainable peace as well as encouraging sustainable economic growth. Ensuring gender equality and protection of women’s interest in Labour law it is a key ingredient to improving social justice. The working women’s need equal treatment and special protection under the Law. In India many legislative provisions, along with Constitution gave a special protection to women. The Labour laws in India framed many laws for the protection of women’s by providing protective health, safety, welfare measures according to International Labour Organization Standards. The working women’s irrespective of any status approach free legal aid services in concerned authorities for any disputes arises in their work field. The Legal services Authorities Act of 1987, provided this opportunity to every woman in Legal aid services, not being an any rank the women in India can approach free legal aid services by approaching concerned legal services authorities for their litigations. The Legal Services Authorities Act of 1987 is providing this opportunity for women workers.

Keywords: Social Justice, Women, Labour Laws, ILO standards, Legal aid Services

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81016

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