Abstract: Agriculture is the backbone of Assam's economy. According to the Agriculture Census (2010-11), marginal farmers (67.31 per cent) and small farmers (18.25 per cent) account for 67.31 per cent and 18.25 per cent, respectively. Due to various factors, small and marginal farmers in Assam continue to face difficulties in their livelihood. As a result, this survey was conducted to determine the various problems faced by Assam's small and marginal farmers. The survey was done in three (3) districts of Assam, namely Majuli, Jorhat, and Golaghat, with a sample of 300 respondents chosen at random. The study relied on primary data gathered through a structured schedule by personal interviews with chosen farmer households in the study area. The survey found that respondents aged 37 to 52 years old were more likely to respond in three Assam districts (46.33 per cent). Around 74.67 per cent of those polled were men, and roughly 35 per cent had only completed primary school. In terms of marital status, 85 per cent of respondents were married, 82.67 per cent were in a joint household, and 48.67 per cent were SC/ST. The small landholdings themselves were ranked first in terms of problems, with annual high floods coming in second. On the other hand, distress sales and insect pest infestation were also the major problems for small and marginal farmers, ranking third and fourth, respectively. These findings imply that government policies and programmes should target small and marginal farmers and that employment options be made available to improve their income, livelihood stability, and living standards in rural areas.

Keywords: Livelihood; Small farmers; Marginal farmers; Problems; Assam

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8645

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