Abstract: In many countries, considering majorly in underdeveloped and developing countries proper health care service is a vital concern. When compared to the requirement of the people, the health centers are far and even the medical personnel are deficient. This reason has made health services for the people who are unhealthy and need health monitoring on regular basis likely to impossible way. This has led the health monitoring of healthy people left far more behind. It is always desirable to implement some system to solve this issue, so that the citizens will not be deprived of the primary care. Smart Healthcare will be significant for the people who have to undergo continuous monitoring, which is not possible to provide outside hospitals.
It is also important that the nearby clinics at rural areas or villages, can be in touch with city hospitals, where they can get about their patient's health condition. This current work presents the smart health monitoring system that uses biomedical sensors to the check patient's condition, and it uses internet to inform the concerned. The biomedical sensors used here are connected to Arduino UNO controller to read the data which in turn is interfaced to an LCD display/serial monitor to see the output.

Keywords: SpO2, Pulse Sensor, LM35 Sensor, Arduino IDE

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8903

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