Abstract: The world is suffering from pandemic diseases called covid-19 which is caused by corona virus. Until the virus become stable, no vaccine can entirely cure the disease. Till then we have to take care of your health. Our device will analyse the body parameter values like heart rate, oxygen level, respiration rate and temperature of the body. All sensors fetch values from the body and send it to IOT platform. Telegram app and BLYNK app are some of the IOT platforms. BLYNK app is used at patient end and telegram app is used as a doctor end. Since the device can be fitted inside the mask, there is a infrared sensor attached to mouth part of the mask. There is a emergency button fitted in the device used as a emergency caller. This device can be used by pregnant people and people aged above 60 as a useful device. Risk prevention and self-health monitoring is provided.

Keywords: covid-19, corona virus, heart rate, BLYNK, telegram, respiration rate, temperature, emergency button.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8743

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