Abstract: One of the most significant issues we currently have is water contamination. In addition to damaging water supplies and sickening humans, it has an impact on the ecosystem. Our main goal is to maintain these waterways clean, therefore it's important to focus on the root of the problem. The extra water bodies can be kept clean if the first water bodies are cleaned thoroughly. We selected the naala in Laxmi Nagar because we want to clean the naalas as part of our project. Our primary goal is to maintain the water bodies' usability by lowering the pH and chloride contamination. In order to establish the quality of the water, we will additionally test its BOD and COD. Water hyacinth, a coarse concrete mesh that will serve as filter mesh, and a particular type of aerobic bacteria that eats the sewage present in the water will be used to evaluate the cleaning procedure.

Keywords: Water contamination, no fine concrete mesh, water hyacinth, aerobic bacteria , naalas.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10618

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