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Abstract: Trajectory planning is one of the most important pivotal point in pick and place tasks done by robotic manipulators. In this work, we have presented a robot, which is compact, autonomous and fully functional.This robot or a smart car is built to sense any obstacle in its path, to avoid it and resume its running involving the pre-computation of an obstacle free path.Ultrasonic sensors were adapted to implement a real-time obstacle avoidance system for wheeled robots, so that the robot can continually detect surroundings, avoid obstacles, and move toward the target area.This model has tremendous applications in vacuum cleaners, avoiding concealed paths, parking systems, assembling automobiles and in chemical industries, in scientific exploration, emergency rescue and in other isolated environments.We use an Arduino UNO with a Motor Shield along with Stepper Motors to make the car, and for sensing we incorporate an Ultrasonic Sensor which accurately and efficiently detects any obstacles in the smart car’s path. The Arduino is coded such that the smart car moves backward when an obstacle arises in front of it with a maximum limit of 50cms in ideal testing conditions.Throughout the construction of this model, we educated ourselves to the Arduino coding language, the Motor Shield functionality, and comprehensively, with the working of an ultrasonic sensor and its features.In conclusion, through this project, we aim to construct a model of a smart car that is beneficial to the quotidian problems of the present generation.

Keywords: Smart Car, Intelligent Vehicle, Detection, Obstacle avoiding, Ultrasonic, etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2022.91120

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