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Abstract: Formability of metallic materials is generally assed by the material properties such as strain hardening exponent (n) and planar/normal anisotropy. In this work, strain hardening behavior has been studied between the room temperature and elevated temperature tensile tests of ASS 304 steel specimens. Anisotropy values were determined as per ASTM E517 standard along three directions: 0°, 90° and 45° to the rolling direction. Tensile tests were conducted from room temperature to 300°C at an interval of 100°C. Strain hardening exponent values also showed the higher values for 300°C temperature specimen compared to other temperatures. Finite element analysis of the tensile deformation was also studied.

Keywords: Strain hardening exponent, anisotropy, yield strength, finite element analysis.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7507

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