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Abstract: The paper present a design optimization of tubular heat exchanger which is a family of shell and tube heat exchanger Out of numerous available optimisation methods genetic algorithm based optimization  deals with natural evolution technique to find optimal solution of large population. The selection of optimum design for tube-in-tube heat exchanger also depend performance criteria such as space/size, weight. The heat exchanger is an important component of any energy system.. This article provides a historical perspective of the progress made in the optimization of tube-in tube heat exchanger for minimum volume. It is concluded among other in review the optimization of counter flow tube-in-tube heat exchanger have been rarely reported with minimum volume as criteria and taking genetic algorithm as optimization technique and therefore more work is needed for a comprehensive understanding and to improve the better selection of tubular heat exchanger device.

Keywords: Tubular Heat Exchanger, Genetic Algorithm, Geometrical Parameter, Optimization, Volume, Pressure Drop, Heat Duty

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.5913

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