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Abstract - The advancement of technology and the increased economic development of the countries have brought about a new era in construction of high-rise buildings. With the significant improvement in construction technology it is witnessed that new structural systems being adopted in the design of Highrise buildings. One among them is the tubular structural system. Tubular structural system resists lateral loads. In the present study, a 45-storey high rise structure is considered. Five different tube forms are modelled using ETABS software. The models such as simple framed structure, simple tube structure, tube in tube, bundled tube and hybrid tube structure is considered. Models are analyzed for static and dynamic response spectrum analysis. The results are extracted and compared. The conclusions are as below. The Displacement values of static and dynamic analysis are not same and having a difference of around 25%. This is a huge reduction. The dynamic analysis is more suitable for high rise building and it is proved to be economical in terms of displacement and reduces the major construction cost by reducing unnecessary increase in member sizes.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8110

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