Abstract: This paper presents the performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a bio-oil obtained from Annona squamosa oil seed which is available across all over India. Pyrolysis was carried out between 450○C and 550○C under semi-batch type reactor for the production of Annona squamosa seed cake oil. The yield of the Annona squamosa seed cake oil was found to be about 40% at an optimum temperature of 500○C. The pyrolysis oil was also characterized for its suitability of using it as an alternative fuel for internal combustion engines. The combustion, performance, and emission behaviour of the diesel engine operated with the different Annona squamosa seed cake oil-diesel blends were assessed and compared with those of diesel operation at different loads. The results indicated that the engine brake thermal efficiency was increased by about 27% for Annona squamosa seed cake oil-diesel blend of 20 percentage operation from no load to full load operation in comparison to diesel. The Brake specific energy consumption gets decreased by 20% for the B20 blend ratio compared to the diesel at full load condition.  As the Annona squamosa seed cake oil -diesel blend ratio increases, the lower NO emission was found to be about 28% for B20, in comparison with diesel at full load condition. From the obtained results, it is suggested that the 20% Annona squamosa seed cake biooil blend can be considered as a potential candidate to be used as a fuel in compression ignition engines.

Keywords: Annona Squamosa, Seed, Pyrolysis, Brake Thermal Efficiency (BTE), Brake Specific Energy Consumption (BSEC), NO Emission

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6507

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