Abstract: The design and construction of a pick and place remote controlled robotic vehicle is reducing the human effort to work comfortably and safely. This rover makes use of robotic arm as well as robotic vehicle which helps not only to enter an area involving high risk but also to pick whatever object it wants to. Robotic arms have become popular in the world of robotics. The essential part of the rover is robotic arm and the rover itself which is programmed using microcontroller Arduino Nano capable of driving basically 7 synchronous DC motors. In this anticipation an automated arm with four degrees of opportunity is composed and can pick the items with a particular weight and place them in a sought area. To encourage the lifting of the items, Synchronous DC motors are utilized. This abstract explains the method of interfacing the robotic arm DC motors with the programmed Arduino NANO based micro controller which are used to control rover operations. A sample rover which can grab, and release small objects is built to demonstrate the method explained. In this project, the main application is control of multiple operations and movement of rover through the use of Arduino. The initial phase of the project focuses on passing the input signals to the micro controller so as to identify the number of different workstations available in the industry which are specified by the user. Automated pick and place a framework comprised of a preparing station, testing station, and sorting station. As well as the project also focuses on security, while it can also be used in the defense sector.

Keywords: Robotic arm, Gripper, Gear motor, Night Vision Camera, Arduino NANO, LDR.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10563

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