Abstract: In today’s modern life, the demand on electricity is greater than the production of it. One of the biggest issues that has been realized is that natural resources are going to be finished one day and a replacement is to be found. In order to overcome such problems, the use of renewable energy sources is very important. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar has gained command over the last few decades. The output of these sources depends on the weather conditions Hence if, there is a combination of two sources then the desirable electrical power can be produced. The proposed hybrid power generation system uses wind and solar resources. The proposed system focuses on use of air on highway divider with the help vertical axis wind turbine. When the vehicle passed on the highway it produces a considerable amount of air due to its speed. This air tangentially strikes on the blade of the vertical axis wind turbine and it makes a rotation of the turbine in only one direction. The solar system is used to generate electrical energy. The electrical output of vertical axis turbine and the solar system is stored in a battery. This stored energy can be used for automatic street lighting, toll gates, etc.

Keywords: Solar Panel, Vertical Windmill, Aurdino, Wifi Module, Led, Power Generation and Battery.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10436

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