Abstract: This study assesses the safety culture of oil/gas employees in Saudi Arabia to investigate factors deemed necessary to sustain satisfactory safety performance in multinational companies. Especially since the safety performance is unsatisfactory in high-risk hazardous worksites in Saudi Arabia. Sixteen percent of injuries, deaths, and accidents that occurred among the Saudi workforce were in manufacturing that includes oil/gas. According to [1], the safety culture is the core element that affects workers attitudes and behaviours that is also needed to sustain satisfactory safety performance. Research is also needed to understand factors that affect workers motivation, and monitors their safety behaviours. Thus, assessing oil/gas employees’ safety performance is necessary to identify safety performance improvement measures and opportunities for oil/gas workers in multinational companies. The study develops two instruments, theoretical model and survey, which are grounded in safety culture literature. Results are beneficial to companies that employ workers in high-risk hazardous worksites.

Keywords: Safety culture, and safety performance

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.589

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