Abstract: Destitution has become a crucial subsidiary of family problems and issues in India. Destitute woman is considered to female without ample support who is abandoned, widowed or left alone without any care and support. Destitute women are facing several social disadvantages that either follow preceding ones or the issue of serious problems with awareness, affect, and behavior in our society. Short Stay Homes (SSHs) were set up with an objective to rehabilitate the women in distress into the main stream of society and empower them psychologically as well as with skills to lead independent normal life. Rehabilitation and follow-up are vital components of the scheme. This article discuss about the impact of crime and the status of destitute women and the role of Short Stay Homes in India.

Keywords: Destitute Women, Distress, Short Stay Homes (SSHs), Rehabilitation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.51113

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