Abstract: Reinforced Earth Wall (RE Wall), is a composite material formed by cohesion less soil and flexible metal/geosynthetic reinforcing strips. Construction of a Reinforced Earth wall is straightforward and simple. Merely place a layer of facing panels, bolt on the metal/geosynthetic reinforcing strips then backfill and compact. During the rainy season, it has become common to hear about the failure of RE wall, consequently disrupting the traffic. There are various causes for failure like bowing, bulging and tilting, unfortunately the user of road/highway suffers a lot in terms of inconvenience. This paper analyses the causes of failure, effects and remedy, to minimise and avoid these failures, by keeping suggested remedies during the design, construction and maintenance stage, by implementing good industry practices, during design, construction and maintenance stage

Keywords: RE Wall, Geosynthetics, Hydrostatic pressure, Facia panel, Drainage system

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6710

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