Abstract: This paper deals with how to broadcast the video over the e-learning network with achieving the reliability, low encoding bitrate, and high-quality video. The reliability in this work is achieved based on using h.264 encoder and incorporating the controller that adaptive the video output bitrate. The combination of two protocols (OSPF and PIM) will be used for routing and transmitting the packets over the network. The compression on the source video is optimized by using optimal configuration of h.264 codec parameters, while the bitrate is matched with the channel by incorporating subsystem as an adapter between the encoder and the channel. The test and measurements of video compression were achieved using JM 19.0. The broadcasting quality is measured by the networks QoS measurements; delay, jitter, and throughput that show the fidelity of the overall proposed model.

Keywords: H.264, GOP, rate controller, QP, OSPF, QoS

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.5812

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