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Abstract: Earthquake is the disturbance that happens at some depth below the ground level which causes vibrations at the ground surface. The buildings which do not designed for seismic force, may suffer extensive damage or collapse if shaken by a severe ground motion. The Pushover analysis first came into practice in 1980’s, but the potential of the pushover analysis has been recognized for last two decades years. In this procedure mainly estimate the base shear and its corresponding displacement of structure. Pushover analysis is a very useful tool for the evaluation of New and existing structures. In the present study we are evaluating the behaviour of steel frame structure when it subjected to seismic forces. The method we are using to evaluate seismic performance of structure is non-linear static method which is gives the progressive behaviour of steel structure at each stage of analysis. For the study we modelled two frame structures of G+12 and G+15 respectively by using E tabs 2018. Main purpose of the study is to check the progressive failure of structure especially after elastic region by non-linear static analysis.

Keywords: Non-linear static analysis, Steel frame structure, plastic hinge formation, IS 1893:2016

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7812

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