Abstract: The development of Information Technology has seen a big boom in the banking industry. With E-banking, the bricks and mortar structure of the traditional banking gets converted into click and portal model, thereby giving the concept of E-banking a real shape. Thus, today’s banking is no longer confined to the branches. Customers are being provided with additional delivery channels which are more convenient to customers and are cost effective to the banks. The researcher has identified that the other researchers have carried on their research and given suggestions based on Parasuraman Zeithml model, which is a traditional one. Banking has undergone many innovations due to technology up gradation. The Cronbach’s Alpha Criterion was applied to test the reliability. the alpha scores on reliability, responsibility, tangibility, assurance, empathy, efficiency, fulfillment and privacy are significantly higher than 0.75. This indicates items used for mentioned services quality dimensions are highly reliable. Hence, the researcher has found this to be the gap. Along with the traditional model SERVQUAL, the E-QUAL Model has been combined in this research work.

Keywords:  E-banking , Servqual, E-Qual , Customers

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.51110

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