Abstract: This paper presents a scheme to monitor and control energy meter readings remotely. It facilitates the reading of energy meters without having to visit every house/organization. This system comprises a microcontroller that takes the readings and processes them at regular intervals and records them in its memory. This feature of remote monitoring is made available with the help of a GSM module that communicates the information regarding the meter reading to a mobile phone via an SMS. The present meter reading system does not involve the GSM module. The scheme proposed and tested in this paper avails the GSM infrastructure, its nationwide coverage, and the Short Messaging System (SMS) cell broadcasting feature to wirelessly transmit the individual house/organization power consumption readings as well as manage the connection line if the user wants to disconnect the power connection with the help of a relay This system is greatly helpful to the Electricity Department as it enables them to take the meter readings regularly with less human resources and also helps the user to remotely switch off the power supply to his house/organization.

Keywords: Electricity meter, Smart Energy meter, Electricity billings, GSM module, relay.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8733

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