Abstract— This project is for overall development of farming system in India bringing cheap technology in the hands of our farmers. For a very long-time farmers have been in problem for checking proper soil conditions to keep their crops safe and check to supply water every time and staying at their fields for whole day long in strong heat conditions, checking when to supply water to crops and when to stop the supply. Also, farmers have to take recommendation from agricultural experts paying extra price to them when they need proper directions but now with the help of this smart irrigation system farmers will have the benefit of staying back at home and looking for conditions of the soil through their mobile app and start/stop the irrigation as needed. Also the irrigation system will be automatic so the farmers can relax back after cropping the crops and start/stop the irrigation as needed. This will be one time investment for farmers as they will not have to concern agricultural experts every year while cropping their crops. Also, the moisture levels can be set by farmers based on the crop they are planting which they will get on their mobile app. So, economically there is one more profit in not investing on labour.
To handle the irrigation process. Hence, we are giving the complete control over the crop field to the concerned farmer who can control the field after cropping their crops over growing period till harvesting. This gives a lot of relief to the farmers family.
Keywords— Automation, thing speak, IOT, node MCU.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8720

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