Abstract: A canny city is a forthcoming goal to have cleansing agent and better comforts for society. Most of the metropolises implemented the underground drainage system to maintain hygiene, healthy and fortification of cities. If they flop preserving the drainage system, clean water may get contaminated with drainage water might lead risky diseases. So, cleaning the drainage system is very important. Even nowadays sewage systems are cleaned by manually. Sewer gas remains an amalgamation of poisonous and harmful gases are collected in sewage systems. In this project we proposed a system to detects harmful chemicals and toxic gases by using a set of gas sensors like MQ-02, MQ-03, MQ-06, MQ-07 SENSORS are incorporated with Arduino nano and LCD display to identify toxic gases in system and then intimate the sewage workers about toxicity of gases before entering the manhole. We used sprinkler mechanism for detoxification treatment. If toxicity of gases exceeds threshold level actuator mechanism triggers sprinkler.

Keywords: Ammonia, Methane, LCD, Sensors, Sprinkler Mechanism

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8717

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