Abstract: This notion emphasises on the importance of social media marketing in the context of a company. It begins with an overview of how many people use social media, how businesses have begun to recognise this trend, and how to incorporate this trend into a successful marketing strategy.
Online commercials, influencer marketing, and a strong social media presence can all be used to demonstrate this technique. All of these tactics will be identified and examined in this idea. The second half of this theory is based on a public online survey to see if the conclusions in the literature study are accurate. According to the report, consumers spend an average of two and a half hours every day on social media. They also use a variety of social media channels on a daily basis. People are more impacted by things they see on social media because they trust those opinions than by other forms of marketing, according to one of the study's most surprising findings. Commercials, billboards, and print ads have all been supplanted by social media marketing.

Keywords: Social Media Platform, Influencer, Marketing Strategy, Business, Return On Investment, Company, Brand

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8615

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