Abstract - Soil stabilization is the process which involves enhancing the physical properties of the soil in order to improve its strength, durability etc. by blending or mixing with additives. The different types of method used for soil stabilization are: Soil stabilization with cement, Soil stabilization with lime, Soil stabilization using bitumen, Chemical stabilization, and a new emerging technology of stabilization by Geo textiles and Geo synthetic fibers. In this study, we are making use of bamboo fibers as geo synthetic material for stabilization of soil. With the use of bamboo fibers to the soil the CBR values will improve, and thickness of pavement layer also gets reduced. Bamboo fibers is such a geosynthetic material which is easily available, ecofriendly, and also cost effective. With the use of soil stabilization method in construction the overall cost gets reduced when compared to the ordinary method of construction. The liquid limit of the soil, MDD of the soil, OMC, shear strength of the soil, CBR value of the soil was found. From the limited laboratory study conducted we concluded that the 0.75% of bamboo fiber can substantially improve the properties of Black cotton soil. The advantages of this project are that to add bamboo fiber in soil stabilization is economically cheap as well as a superior concrete can be made.

Index Terms - Soil, Geosynthetic Material, Bamboo Fiber, Strength, Durability, Utilization of Bamboo Fiber, Environmentally Friendly

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8670

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