Abstract: The present study is focused on assessment and analysis of spatio-temporal variation of rainfall during last three decades (1986-2018). Rainfall data of eight rain gauge stations in North district, Sikkim have been considered for analysing. Study of rainfall depth shows that it is ranging from 925 mm. to 3389 mm and ten nos. zoned has been identified. Coefficient variation (CV) of annual rainfall varies from 11.95% to 42.00% whereas the CVs of monsoonal rainfall vary from 14.87% to 49.46% which reveals that the monsoonal variability is higher than the annual variability. Rain erosivity map shows that the highest rain erosivity zone occurs in the south-eastern and southern part of the study area. There is great variation in monthly rainfall in different year and it is ranging between 100 percent negative deviation and 131% positive deviation from normal monthly rainfall.

Keywords:  Rainfall, Variation, Spatio-Temporal, Rainfall Depth

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6513

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