Abstract: Because of the widespread availability of digital tools, innovative approaches to problem solving are on the upswing, and established markets have been reimagined. India's economy has felt the effects of the worldwide boom in the digital technology industry. The restaurant industry has gone digital, shifting to an e-commerce platform where customers can place orders using smartphones and have them delivered to their doorsteps. Zomato is the go-to app for those who want to order food online and peruse menus at their leisure. There are plenty of companies like Zomato. The effectiveness of Zomato's food packaging is investigated here. The research concluded that in order for Zomato to better serve its customers, the company should look into rural areas and create virtual restaurant tours. This research would shed light on the motivations behind online food retailers. Happiness and satisfaction are felt by users as a result of the app's various benefits. Customers' willingness to make online food purchases depends on how easily they can do so from their own homes. The study suggests that the widespread urbanisation taking place in India is to blame for the explosion of online meal delivery services. Websites that facilitate online food ordering have a bright future. Amenities, user comfort, and friendliness are what ultimately determine a website's success. Zomato's potential effects have been debated.

Keywords: Digitalization, Food delivery, Zomato, Packaging efficiency, online ordering, Customer satisfaction

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10903

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