Abstract: Diaraland is situated between natural levies are formed by meandering, braiding and course changing of river. There is a time gap scarcity for land preparation because of less time availability between post flood and sowing time of wheat. It is essential to prepare land timely. A conventional 8 hp power tiller as a source of power with its matching equipment was field evaluated for wheat crop and compared with traditional bullock farming system followed in diaraland. Study revealed that the average benefit cost ratio for wheat crop was 2.31 in twice rotatilling and 1.81 in traditional bullock forming system. Energy consumed in land preparation for wheat crop was 1840.86 MJ/ha in twice rotatilling and 1261.37 MJ/ha in bullock farming system. It was found that the power tiller farming system with twice rotatilling gave better field preparation for proper operation of sowing and seed germination and was more economical, but more energy expensive than the other operations.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8221

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