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Abstract: During Covid-19 pandemic, government of India took major steps to control the spread of disease. Out of it, the major step was lockdown. Due to lockdown many industries are compel to stop their operations, which has severe impact on the businesses. Some businesses are even made losses during pandemic. All these have serious impact on the payment of wages and salaries. Many organizations couldn’t afford to make payment to workers and staff. To minimize the cost operation, organizations started curtaining the wages and salaries of their employees. Even in some organizations started retrenchment of workforce. Due to pandemic situation many people have lost their jobs and some got less pay scale. The objective of this paper is to study impact of Covid-19 on income of middle-class salaried people. The main methodology used is primary sample survey of 105 respondents living in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai city.

Keywords: Covid-19, income, impact, lockdown, middle class.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8919

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