ABSTRACT: Mizo fiction written in Mizo ṭawng (Mizo language) of the Mizo peoples is an important branch of Mizo literature. Mizo literature underwent significant changes in 1920s when large number of poetry and drama appeared in the hands of literary men. This is mainly due to the arrival of Christian missionaries and it was an age of peace and social contentment. Christianity soon spread to the whole of Mizoram and in no time, many people were converted into Christian. “Christianity began to stop their primitive pre-notion that huai (demons) lived in caves, trees, a small mound in a jhum and to give up such superstitions, the Lushai Superintendent had taken strong initiative and made an order that those who were involved in such superstitions will be accused...that is why the period may be regarded as Golden Period”. As such there is no major obstacle that can hamper the growth of Mizo fiction and this peaceful atmosphere in the land became manure for further development of Mizo fiction. Therefore, this paper will be an attempt to reflect or highlight kinds of tendencies and theme of Mizo fiction.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8871

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