Abstract: Economic growth and the increasing basic neessities for clothing, food and shelter, encourage women to play an active role in the public sector. Women contribution to economic development can be seen from women's participation in the workforce. Multiple role conflicts can be faced by women with various professions, one of them is a nurse. Hospital nurses are dominated by female workers. As a nurse who is married, they are required to always act professionally in their work and not jumble in work conflicts with family. Multiple role conflict (work-family) will be a problem if there is no right solution to overcome it, the impact is the occurrence of pressure, anxiety that makes employees lead to stress and performance. This study aims to determine the effect of multiple role conflict (work-family) and work stress on performance. The samples in this study were 132 nurses who met the inclusion criteria. The research method used a quantitative method with a Likert scale to measure research results. To test the hypothesis proposed in this study the analysis technique used is SEM (Structural Equation Model) which is operated through the lisrel program. The results of the study prove that multiple role conflict has a significant positive effect on work stress and performance. And work stress negatively affects the performance of female nurses in the hospital.

Keywords: Multiple Role Conflict (Work-Family Confict), Job Stress, Performance, Women Nurse.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.71010

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