Abstract: Large class size is a big challenge in most public tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria. This study investigated the effects of Class Size on Students Academic Performance in an introduction to computer science (CMP 111) Course, at Kebbi-State polytechnic Dakin-Gari, Nigeria. The study employed quasi-experimental research approach to answer research question (RQ) by using experimental and control group. The experimental group (small class size) and control group (Larger class size) students of National Diploma I (ND I) enrolled in an introduction to computer science course in the school of applied sciences, department of Computer Science and Science Laboratory Technology at Kebbi-State Polytechnic Dakin-gari.

The population of the study comprised fifty (50) students participated as experimental group (small class size) and One hundred and fifty (150) as control group (Larger class size) in the course. Therefore, a total of Two hundred (200) students participated in the study. Data were collected using 20 items essay test questions with reliability coefficients of 0.76 and analysed with SPSS-V21 using independent sample t-test. The investigation were guided by one (1) research question and one (1) null research hypotheses (Ho) at significance alpha value .05 level. The study revealed that class size had an effect on the academic performance of the students where students in small class size recorded higher performance than their peers in large class sizes. Therefore, in this study, it was concluded that classroom size significantly influence academic performance of students in the course. The relationship between classroom size and academic performance was found to be inversely related. Students in large classrooms performed poorly, while students in small classroom size performed better academically. To ensure a more meaningful academic performance among the students, small class sizes are needed to improve the interaction between Lecturers and students. Based on this finding, the study recommended that it is pertinent that the management of the colleges studied pay attention to the class sizes so as to ensure good academic performance.

Keywords: Class size, students, academic performance, computer science, polytechnic

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10406

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