Abstract: This study discusses the importance of Quality Management System implementation in Mexico Cleaning Services which is located in the Kingdom Of Bahrain in terms of six variables which are (general cleaning, provision of labor services, labor productivity, performance, employee behavior and operational cost/expense) , where the Quality Management System is an important element to any successful company. The study underscores the impacts of these six variables on implementing Quality Management System in Mexico Cleaning Services, and the research shows how Mexico Cleaning Services or any other organization need to implement Quality Management system. The study demonstrated that in order to improve the overall performance, labor productivity, employee behavior and minimizing operational costs companies should implement Quality Management System. The study used the quantitative research method and the populations based were used as a main tool to collect the primary data with total of 156 respondents (150 employees and 6 top management). Finally, suggesting recommendations based on the findings of the study are presented.

Keywords: Quality management system, Labor Productivity, Performance, Employee Behavior and Operational Costs/Expenses

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6509

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