Abstract: As there is no specific course in business English at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and as the training at schools and colleges is mostly grammar-based, most business executives during their college education are deprived of the necessary training in the use of English in business situations. The knowledge of grammar which they acquire in schools and colleges is of little help because they also need to know the rules of language to communicate effectively in real life situations.  So, it is important that business executives, who in their schools and colleges have been trained in grammatical accuracy; need to be trained to become effective communicators so that they can utilize their flair and talents in their relevant areas of business. They need to get a fair exposure to a rich variety of linguistic and social-cultural material with its focus on what to say when and how. Therefore, a specialized course in English for business executives is essential. Such a need gains more significance in the absence of in-company training programmes in the use of English for business executives.

Keywords: Business English, College, Business executives, In-company training

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7709

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