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Abstract: Noise is a type of pollution and impacts on health and wellness of human beings in the world. Noise is defined as unwanted sound. The prevalence of noise is increasing severity because of the urban life style. The study identified vehicular pollution as one of the most cause of noise pollution and loud music as the second most important cause pf noise pollution in India. The study examines the problem of noise pollution in the wake of its ill effects on the life of the people. Noise produces direct and cumulative adverse effects that impart health and degrade residential, social and working environment with corresponding real and intangible losses. The noise as of late has risen as one of the essential poisons of condition. Noise has been a noteworthy supporter of irritation, which is substantiated by the aftereffect of ceaseless observing commotion at proportionate levels of public interest, training, administration, auxiliary outlining assumes a noteworthy part in noise administration. Noise represents an important health problem that can lead to hearing loss, sleep disruption, cardiovascular disease, reduce productivity, negative social behavior, annoyance reactions, absenteeism etc. Noise, adversely affects general health and well- being in the same way as does chronic stress. The aim of enlighted government control should be to protect citizens from the adverse effects of noise pollution.

Keywords : commotion, human, government , disruption, annoyance

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81008

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