Abstract: The work reported here tells us about the design of standing wave thermoacoustic refrigerator, which can provide the proper heat management where heat can dumped, or spot cooling may be achieved. For the last 4 decades, everyone is dealing with deteriorating environmental conditions, i.e. global warming and ozone depletion due to various FCs, CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs. To remove such tyrannical aspects of environmental eradication, thermoacoustic refrigeration concepts should be involved. Thermoacoustic refrigerator design may face some technical problems in sealing but it may prove very useful if further exploration and analysis have done because it is harmless type of refrigeration system. Thermoacoustic Refrigerators works on the pressure waves developed due to sound and provide the cooling effect. Establishment of refrigerators based on thermoacoustic technology is an innovative solution to the contemporary and upcoming day need of cooling system, without jeopardising environment and ecosystem. In designing and analysis of TAR, some CAE tools are used, i.e. SOLIDWORKS for the CAD model design and MATLAB for the performance analysis of the model at different stack position and for different working gases.

Keywords: Fin Spacing, Fin Geometries, Temperature Distribution, Height, Length, Heat Transfer Rate Thermoacoustic Cooling Effect, Penetration Depths, Stack Geometry, Environmentally Auspicious.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7818

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