Abstract: In the present study, 126 events of ICMEs have been utilized to derive their relationship with geomagnetic activities for the study period of 1996-2018 (a period encompassing solar Cycle 23 and 24). To discover the interconnection of ICMEs speed and geomagnetic activities, we incorporate the analysis technique by superposed epoch method. The current analysis depict that high-speed ICMEs and dst index are highly anti-correlated with each other for severe geomagnetic storm with a correlation coefficient of -0.7 for solar Cycle 23 and -0.5 for solar Cycle 24 whereas moderately anti-correlated with each other for moderate and intense geomagnetic storms. Furthermore, we observed that solar wind high-speed streams (HSSs) is a geo-effective parameter while solar wind slow-speed streams (SSSs) is not a geo-effective parameter. Morever, the time delay analysis has also been performed by the method of correlation for the introduced parameters.

Keywords: Geomagnetic storms, High speed solar wind streams, Slow speed solar wind streams, Interplanetary coronal mass ejections.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.71207

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