Abstract: Science and technology have made enormous advances in the past few years, resulting in hand gesture recognition technologies and their applications, including touchless devices and personal identification tools that minimize the risk of touching equipment and screens. As a result, viruses are less likely to spread because of hand gesture recognition technology and applications. Worldwide, millions of individuals have been impacted by coronavirus, which is rapidly spreading. Our team concluded that interaction in public settings is the main factor in the current spike in coronavirus cases. Therefore, we created this initiative to do away with the requirement for interaction at key locations, like banks. For many members of society, having access to money is still crucial under the present worldwide lockdown. Studies conducted on the virus all around the world have revealed that it may survive on solid surfaces for up to two days. This research attempts to guarantee that bank transactions are safe because it is not advised to sanitise electronic devices like POS terminals and ATMs after each usage. We present a model using the ATM camera to recognize hand motions for the purposes of utilizing touchless ATMs.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10611

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