Abstract:  Congestion is a serious issue because of vehicle traffic jams. The most common issue of traffic congestion is the time spend on waiting for the red light to change to green. The changing of traffic light is predetermined by timer and it does not depend on traffic volume. There is therefore need to simulate and optimize traffic control to better accommodate density-based traffic rather than time based. This system attempts to solve the problem caused by traffic lights which leads to congestion of vehicles.

This project, a density-based traffic control system is been implemented to solve this problem. The system entails programming an Arduino using Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) to enable traffic lights give the right of access to the road by selecting the lane with the high number of cars. The traffic lights are modified to control traffic congestion and maintain a steady flow of traffic. The sensor identifies an object  and give  signals to the Arduino to control the traffic lights for its individual path. Once there is no sign observed by any of the four sensors the traffic lights keep on dealing with the traffic flow. Further research is suggested to develop the device on a large scale to be deployed to all roads in the country.

Key Words: IR sensors; Arduino; Traffic control; Servo motor.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10440

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