Abstract: Maintenance of good health by active and intelligent lifestyle by citizens helps to build great nation. Good health is the biggest source of happiness. Wellness is the holistic approach of physical mental, social, emotional and spiritual fitness. We have to work on this beautiful life by taking little steps. These small steps can make our planet healthy. Many people think that investing in gyms and use of other sports instruments will make them fit and healthy. Consuming balanced diet rich in fruits vegetables can ward off many diseases. A healthy and positive lifestyle increases the longevity of human beings. But due to tech-savvy life we all need immediate results for curing ourselves so nowadays people are more dependent on medications for remaining healthy. Its true that medicines give instant cure but we should not overlook or ignore the side effects of these synthetic medications. Paracetamol is renowned painkiller used by people worldwide to cure aches and pains. It is available in various brand names like Calpol, Tylenol, Dolo 650 etc. Regular or prolong use may result in dizziness, fast heartbeat and may even results in liver toxicity. Most of us are totally unaware of pharmacodynamics of Paracetamol. So people consume it even without prescription by physicians. Ethnomedicinal plants are easily available and contribute in our well-being as they contain specific bioactive compounds, dissolved alkaloids and are eco-friendly, biodegradable and easier to use. Since ancient times they are used for treating diseases and many chronic ailments. Black Pepper, Ginger, Basil, Mint, Fenugreek, Green Tea leaves, Turmeric, Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass etc are ethnomedicinal plants which can easily overcome Paracetamol toxicity. This study is conducted on rural people of South India. Out of 116 respondents 55.2% of people believed that prolonged usage of Paracetamol may result into liver toxicity whereas 45.7% of rural people are using plant based medications like roots, rhizomes, juices of flowers to cure fever, aches and pains.
But latest study also reveals that Industrial revolution, deforestation, desertification has polluted and damaged environment.1.6 billion people are dependents on forests 74% people are affected due to land degradation. Sustainable management is compulsory. Forest management is necessary by planting and saving biodiversity. Working with endogenous people and local community can help us to switch over to plant based medications. We all should affirm that each one should plant one. We need to think globally for saving lives. Saving endangered plants and animals are very important for all of us. Insects, birds are pollinators which help to grow many medicinal plants. Birds and animals droppings helps in seed dispersal. Example cutting of strings of facemask before disposal can help to reduce fatality of birds. These strings coils in beaks and wings of birds which is actually harming birds. Let’s be a change maker and protect our flora and fauna. Reiteration of good deeds is needed for all practices. Celebration of Tree Plantation, or birthday of Trees is must to save ecosystem. Let’s together protect, promote and restore this planets plants and biodiversity. By sustainably managing wildlife and conservation of forests and medicinal plants, by combatting habitat loss, stopping desertification and reversing land degradation we can put a full stop to biodiversity loss. The study shows that proper use of ethnomedicinal plants can overcome Paracetamol toxicity because plants possess effective antioxidants and important alkaloids in them. We need to promote awareness from local folklore to global sectors for the effective usage of plants. This is scientific study based on experimentation and application which should help everyone across the countries for maintaining health. Indeed education can make differences and has the power to transform our lives.

Keywords: Ethnomedicinal plants; Pharmacodynamics; Biodiversity

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8935

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