Abstract:  Plastic is a cost-effective material and it is using widely in industrial production and is an efficient raw material for manufacturing of plastic based goods. The huge quantity of waste materials such as plastic, polythene bags, rubber tyres cause environmental hazards when it is disposed. Although waste plastic is currently viewed as a demon for present and future generations due to its non-biodegradability and unsightly appearance. The utilisation of plastic has revolutionised various sectors of the growing economy of the country, such as information technology, automobile, construction and etc. The studies have linked improper disposal of plastic waste to various issues such as skin problems, cancer, genital abnormalities, and negative impacts on animals. This study aimed to develop a modified binder for bitumen concrete mix by utilizing these waste materials as a partial replacement for bitumen and it enhances the desired mechanical properties of the road mixtures. The polymer coated on aggregates can reduce the voids and moisture absorption, results in reducing the formation of ruts and potholes. The road constructed with this modified bituminous mix can withstand heavy traffic load and durable than normal mix roads. The use of this modified mixes can improve the abrasion and the toughness value. To replicate field conditions the study focused on the Marshall test and the Ultimate performance of hot mix asphalt. The plastic and the crumb rubber were substituted for bitumen at different proportions of between 5%-10% and 5%-15%. By substituting bitumen with waste plastic, there may be a increase in strength of up to 16%, and with rubber material up to 50% increase compared to conventional mix. By using these waste materials, it is possible to get a bituminous mix with required strength and density, as an eco-friendly green pavement at lower cost.

Keywords: Waste plastic, Crumb rubber, Disposal, Modified Bituminous mix, Eco-friendly, Low cost.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10546

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