Abstarct - In today’s world where most of them have there own vehicle they prefer their own transportation over the public transportation .It becomes important to make sure of our vehicle security. In the world of technology and advancement even the intruders have found new ways to make there work done ,so its important for us to have security unit which secures the vehicle ."Vehicle Theft Detection" comes into picture where it can be used a security appliances to prevent the theft. In the above proposed system ,firstly if the key is ignited and the motor is started then the motion is sensed using a motion sensor and immediately SMS is sent to the user using GSM(Global System for Mobile communication) along with GPS location to the user using the GPS(Global Positioning System) which shows the positioning of the vehicle so the vehicle can be tracked. Then depending on the user it decides if its a false alert (The vehicle being used under his intervention) or a genuine alert (The vehicle under threat).If its a threat to the vehicle then the user should send a SMS saying "MOTOR OFF" to stop the motor, then the vehicle is in rest state and successfully prevented from any further theft .In this way it can be retrived and tracked back.
Keywords-Vehicle theft unit ,theft detection

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10687

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