Abstract: Physically challenged persons those who are suffering through different physical disabilities face many challenging problems in their day to day life for commutating from one place to another and even sometimes they need to have to be dependent on other person to move from one place to another. There have been many significant efforts over the past few years to develop smart wheel chair platforms that could enable the person for its ease of operation without any ambiguity. The main aim of our paper is to develop the smart wheel chair to make the life easier of physically challenged persons This voice-activated smart wheelchair has improved functions like voice control, electric power, queue following, obstacle avoidance, etc. The integrated AVR microprocessor ATmega328 smart wheel chair control unit also includes Bluetooth, GSM, ultrasonic, and infrared sensors, a temperature sensor LM35, and a motor driving circuit for managing the motor's speed.

Keywords: Arduino Uno ,LDR sensors ,LED, Bluetooth module ,Motor driver, ultrasonic sensors ,IOT.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.105107

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