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Abstract: Industrial wastewater is one of the important pollution sources in the pollution of the water environment. The large quantity of industrial wastewater was discharged into Lakes, Rivers and Coastal areas. This resulted in serious pollution problems in the water environment and caused negative effects to the eco-system and human’s life. In order to ensure the safe flow of the industrial waste water, the quality needs to be monitored in real time. Here, we are going to design low cost Real Time Waste Water Purity Monitoring and Indication System (RWPIS) which monitors the water quality. The structure consists of many sensors which were used to measure physical and chemical parameters such as Salinity, Temperature, Turbidity and PH. Here the GSM and IoT technology is used to transform the information regarding the Quality of wastewater.

Keywords: IoT, waste water, salinity, GSM

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7514

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