Abstract: Maintaining the quality of surface water is a complex issue since they are used in domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes . Hence, to protect the water bodies proper water management strategies are necessary. Here an attempt has been made to evaluate the water quality in an industrial area of West Bengal. Industrial waste water samples were collected for the parameters such as TSS, BOD, COD, OIL& GREASE and PHENOL and tested at the laboratory .To compare means and test for significance of the parameters ANOVA was applied and based on their significance, Water quality index was calculated to assess the overall water quality status of the region . Landsat 8 satellite image was processed and correlated with water quality data. By correlation - regression analysis parameters were identified at respective spectral regions and their spatial distribution were measured using Inverse Distance Weighted method and mapped at ARC GIS 10.3.

Keywords : ANOVA, Remote Sensing and GIS, WQI, Regression Analysis and Inverse Distance Weighted .

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8612

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