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Abstract: Water is a natural resource available on earth and is like an elixir for humans, animals, plants, microorganism and aquatic life. A lot of wastes are produced from the domestic and industrial medium, if it gets disposed into the water resources it affects the human and aquatic life adversely. Waste water have many wastes in it in form of organic materials, heavy materials and inorganic materials. Waste water is treated by employing various technique so that its disposal is safe for environment. Waste water is treated in many stages, first stage is comprised of removal of bulky organic material like plants branches, leaves, cloths, plastic materials etc. by screening method. In screening methods certain shapes of bars are arranged in parallel way to a specified distance in an order so that it can stops these bulky materials. The shape, size and distance between the objects depends upon the amount of waste water treatment capacity and source of waste generation. Grits suspended into the water also removed by employing suitable grit removal technique. Second method known as secondary treatment method the waste water is brought into aeration tank and by supplying enough amount of oxygen and maintaining suitable temperature the biodegradation of the organic material is achieved. Oxygen supply is ascertained by using air compressor and centrifugal pump is also used to achieve desirable results. Third stage is known as tertiary stage, in this stage harmful bacteria presents into the water removed by using proper technique like chlorination of water and by UV treatment. Waste water treatment studies shows that by suitable temperature and enough supply of oxygen organic wastes can be biodegraded properly. Use of air compressor maintains the supply of oxygen to the micro-organism present into the water resource for biodegradation. Proper selection of instrument, land and technology improved the water treatment result. This study concludes that waste water treatment protects the environment, aquatic life, ground water and protects the human from many diseases.

Keywords: Screening, grit removal, Chlorination, Biodegradation.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7511

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