Abstract: Water is an essential necessity for all living things, including humans. Nowadays, there is a shortage of water and an uneven distribution of it due to the rapid population expansion that has led to insufficient supplies and water waste. This project's main objectives are to ensure that water is distributed evenly to all homes, to prevent wastage and blockages in the water supply, and to produce water bills for individual families utilizing IoT platforms. We will use Arduino to put this system into action. Water sensors and a valve are used to control how much water is drawn from the tank. Water used by the flow sensor is passed via a sequence of electric pulses that are generated. Calculations can be made of the user, flow rate, and supplied water volume. The goal of this project is to use IoT platforms and embedded technology to supply water in a properly channeled manner and address problems.

Keywords: Ultrasonic sensor, Water flow sensor, Arduino UNO, LCD Display, Wi-Fi Module, Relay, Electronic Valve, Blynk Application, Water Tank, Battery and Charger.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10578

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