Abstract : Gender equality in higher education especially in science, engineering and technology is well analyzed issue from past thirty five years. In particular, ‘women in computing’ has become highly attracted topic due to digital revolution. Gender equality is an expected phenomenon here too. This research work tries to put forth the widely discussed problem of women in computing that is women’s increased participation in tertiary education and poor employment rate in IT related fields especially in the Indian scenario. Gender imbalance in IT workforce has been recognized as an issue since at least 2005. Since then the researchers have identified the reasons for underrepresentation of women in IT workforce, even though they outperform in their education. Here we discuss the problem in a new dimension towards providing a better solution. This article provides essential information to policy makers of higher education and has led to the development of important policy interventions, particularly for the retention of women in computing science pipeline.

Keywords: Women in computing, Policy makers, Women in IT Sectors, Gender inequality, Higher education

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8851

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