Abstract: This is a peculiar paper wherein the Zero Point Energy (ZPE), E0= 1/2 hν is impersonated as a Quantum Magician who is named as Greek letter, λ also standing for Einstein’s Cosmological constant, Λ. It is the Quantum Magician who gives the entire paper except the Conclusion. Addressing an audience, the Magician begins with a ‘Foreword’ and at various stages gives out his revelation by speaking out. In his Magic Wands are shown various items he finds out. Whenever a new idea is given out, he waves his Magic Wand and speaks. There is a vast coverage of topics and the entire paper is given a philosophical outlook. Mathematical treatment is given right from the second derivation of Planck’s law of thermal radiation. Dirac’s electrons, positrons and concept of ‘Holes’ are extensively discussed. The Planckian System of Units are systematically derived. Einstein’s Cosmological Constant is critically discussed making use of Alexander Friedman’s equation. The D’Sitter Space with Flat and Spherical geometry are included. There is a brief mention of Stochastic Electrodynamics, Zetterbewegung and Unruh-Davies-Fulling Effect.

As the reference to Review of Literature are chosen at random, references in the text in square brackets are not given. But, however ,there is a list of References. The paper ends with an independent Conclusion given by the Author wherein the “Trinity Triangle of Reality” of Roger Penrose is worth reading. The text of the paper is such that the meaning of the title of the paper with its theme is highly justified.

(All pictorial representations regarding the Quantum Magician are done by Author)

KeyWords: Casimir Effect, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, Cosmological Constant Λ, Dark Energy, Dirac’s Holes, D’Sitter Space, Einstein’s Field Equations, Friedman’s Equations, Higg’s Field, Mass of ZPE Particle, Models of Expanding Universe, Planckian System of Units, Pressure of Space, Quantum Vacuum, Scholastic Electrodynamics, Trinity Triangle of Reality, Unruh-Davies-Fulling Effect, Vacuum Energy, Zero Point Energy and Zetterbewegung.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8204

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